Quality policy

It is Safe Wind Service Blades quality policy to deliver high quality service and products to our customers, performed by skilled employees, carrying out any job in a safe way. In order to deliver the agreed product, Safe Wind Service Blades must maintain good communication with the costumers throughout the projects and focus in achieving customers’ requirements and expectations as well as relevant legal requirements. 

Safe Wind Service Blades quality system is based on the identification and management of risk. This risk based approach to the management of our business ensures that our work is carried out in a manner which not only meets the technical requirements but also it is safe to staff, customers, the general public and the environment as is reasonably practicable. 

Our commitment is to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through management review including our stated polices and associated objectives, to ensure that these goals are met. 

Through the involvement of our staff and through the systematic application of this management system, top management and each employee seek continuous improvement of our services to our customers. 

Design and development of products is omitted from the Quality Management System. 

Scope for the management system: General contractor of customer specified service, installation, and repair for the Wind, Oil & Gas and Drilling industry.


Safe Wind Service Blades – Worldwide Zero Incident Operations

At Safe Wind Service Blades , safety is a core value and our goal is to achieve Zero Incident Operations – every day and all around the world.

We take pride in being among the best in the business and to us safety is not just something we are forced to do – It is the very core of our business and we continuously develop and implement new and effective ways of ensuring flawless operations. We employ the best of the best and expect them to be just that – the best and safest professionals in the industry.

To us, Zero Incident Operations, or ZIO, means performing operations all around the globe without doing any harm to our engineers, the environment and our equipment. We do it to give our customers the best servicing job possible under the safest conditions in the business.

Our focus on meeting and exceeding our customers’ demands as well as HSE standards is a natural part of our company culture and positively affects our processes, training, operations, and of course our relationship with our customers and the communities we work in. We want people to trust we take every step necessary to achieve Zero Incident Operations.

We measure our success in safety and ZIO, and our track record is impeccable. We intend to keep it that way by always staying sharp on safety initiatives and only working with the best professionals in the business.

Keeping our people safe

Staying safe is not something a computer can teach you. Achieving ZIO and thereby ensuring that no one gets hurt, requires patience, practice, and commitment from management, our engineers, and our customers.

We recognize that behind all of our employees are people who care about them. Giving our families and friends peace of mind when we are on-site is also one of the major reasons for why we always put safety first.