Rope Access

Safe Wind Service Blades offers rope access services, which is a versatile and cost-efficient solution and an excellent substitution to scaffolding in some areas. Especially, areas that normally are inaccessible can be made quite accessible with rope access as it allows our engineers and equipment to maneuver in these areas.

Rope Access is a safe and reliable way to carry out jobs and all of our engineers are regularly on training courses to maintain and better the rope access skills and level. Furthermore, they all work in accordance with IRATA, SPRAT, and SOFT guidelines, which have ensured an impeccable track record.

We offers rope access services in connection with work in:

  • TP
  • Tower
  • Blades


Safe Wind Service Blades is one of the leading providers of scaffolding solutions for the wind turbine industry.

Planning and pre-fabrication, throughout the entire project, are taken care of by our skillful team of engineers and if an urgent need occurs, we and the team will be ready to offer you an immediate and safe solution regarding any needed scaffolding solutions.

We focus on finding the safest and most effective way to perform scaffolding jobs by working closely together with our customers right from the beginning to the end of a project. Furthermore, the close collaboration with our customers means that we are able to estimate the exact cost of a project.

Safety is one of our main priorities, which is why we insist on taking care of the HSEQ during the entire project. Safety is never to be compromised – not our engineers’, our customers’ personnel or the safety of the environment in which we work.

We offer scaffolding solutions in relation to several services:

  • Repair
  • Blasting
  • Painting