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Wind products and spare parts supply

  • Turbine spare parts.
  • Tools (hand tools and hydraulic torque tools).
  • Safety hoisting equipment.
  • Turbine evacuation system.


GreenOil filter inserts only contains the natural filter materials cotton, sheep’s wool and kapok. Deep filtration of the oil is carried out down to 3 microns absolute depending on your chosen filter insert. Dirt holding capacity is vey large in the filter cannister. Filter changes are carried out in a few seconds without any waste of valuable oil ad precious time.


  • Compact units for easy and quick installation.
  • Filter replacement in 30 seconds.
  • No skilled work, no tools, no oil contact and no oil spill.
  • Designed for high dirt holding capacity, lowering maintenence cost.

For more information on Catontes just follow the link – GreenOil


Tools dropped from large heights can potentially be fatal or disabling, which is why Safe Whind Service has formed collaboration with Catonets, who is behind the development of a safety net that can be fastened on existing bolts inside a wind turbine tower. The safety net catches all falling objects effectively, which means that field engineers can work safely without risking life and limbs.
Catonets’ safety nets are made of twisted nylon, and are also available in fire-resistant materials. The nets have been developed in cooperation with Siemens and tested thoroughly at the Danish technological Institute. The safety nets are available in customized mesh sizes.
For wind turbine owners/manufacturers, the safety net results in less working hours and reduced costs as several field engineers can work inside the tower at the same time, and particularly offshore, the efficient working hours are vital.

For more information on Catontes just follow the link – Catonets.