Spare Parts for Power Upgrade & Blade Repair

  • Vortex Generator.
  • Lighting Receptor


SWS Blade Repair System Kit

  • SWS’s “ROTOR BLADE COAT “ Innovative and Unique.
    • Own 4 STEPS , SWS developed blade repair compound.
    • Designed for blades repair in a very difficult weather conditions ( 5°c & 80% Humidity). Larger Repair Window .
    • Very Quick Drying Process.
    • No Damage to coat by rope access.
    • Without crane acess – most cost efficient.

SWS’s Blade Repair System Kit  ( Quick and Efficient)

30 Minutes Curing Time !

The Turbine can Start producing again immediately, Once the Repair Technicians are back on the ground. 

Minimum Down-time – Minimum Revenue Loss